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I got everything made for the children's hospital in less than 2 weeks!  I can't even believe it.  I'm facing carpal tunnel surgery so I wanted to be sure I finished it.  So, here it is.  First up, 30 pillows!
Gingerbread Girls, Snowmen, and Reindeer are modified patterns from Precious Patterns on Etsy.  Santa's are from a very easy pattern from Log Cabin Dry Goods which I think is out of print.  Penguins are my own pattern.

Eighteen mini pillows:
The little Reindeer are from a wonderful pattern by My Funny Buddy on Etsy.  She has a very cute dog one that will be in her shop soon.  I created the snowmen and added the hats and scarves.  The penguins are from a free pattern on Pinterest!

These wonderful gift bags are from Audrey who made them for Kristy's November 2012 Project at Hopeful Threads.  They are so cute and so well made.  I had made a lot of little felt animals and dolls for the kids and wanted something to put one or two in but I was afraid I wouldn't have time to make the little bags.  Last week, I received Audrey's wonderful gift bags in the mail - the perfect answer for what I needed.  I placed either finger puppets or felt mini dolls, such as the Goldilocks and 3 Bears pictured, in each bag.  Thank you so much Audrey!  I filled all of the bags!

And this last photo isn't for Christmas but is something the Child Life Specialist asked me for.  When she visits some of the kids, she carries a 'first-aid' bag filled with band-aids and whatever else she may need.  We came up with a child size one and she fills them as well and gives them to the kids who can play with them.  The lining of each bag is fabric with cats and dogs dressed like doctors & nurses!

This Thursday I will find out about having carpal tunnel surgery.  I've been sewing & cross stitching for about 54 years so I'm not surprised.  Just want to get it over with!

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays.  Hug your loved ones and hold them tight!

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