Look what I'm going to be making next week for the kids at the hospital!

This is Lucy's new pattern and can be found at her MyFunnyBuddy Etsy Shop.  What I love about this pattern is that you can make one doll with a happy face on one side and the sad face on another or you can make two dolls.  I know this will be wonderful for the nurses because if the child doesn't want to speak or can't speak, they can turn the doll to show how they are feeling. 

It's amazing how much cute little items that we sew can help a child and that's why I always encourage you to make something for the hospital.  One of the nurses told me a story about some finger puppets I had made.  They were unable to get the little boy to talk and he wouldn't even smile at them until one day, she walked into his room with her hand behind her back, walked to the bed, and held up her hand with monster finger puppets on her fingers.  He immediately began to smile and communicate with them!  Amazing what small pieces of felt hand sewn by you can make in the life of an ill child!

Please head over to MyFunnyBuddy and check out all of Lucy's patterns.  Scruffy the dog is one of the favorites at the hospital and I'm making the bunnies for Easter.  Although Lucy donates all her patterns to me, which I so appreciate, I am not writing this post because of that.  I truly love her patterns as they are quick and easy to make, so cute, and very loved!  She and I will be having a giveaway the second week in March!

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