When I was taking the items to the hospital today, a family with a little girl who looked to be about 2 got into the elevator.  I take all the things I make to the hospital in huge plastic bags because it's easy to carry.  I can see her looking at the bags and she says to her mom, "she has toys".  And then, "look, she has toys".  Her mom explains that I'm probably donating them.  So I pulled out a bunny and handed it to her.  She quickly rubs it on her face and says "these are fuzzy" and runs out of the elevator with a big smile!  Sewing miles of smiles - that's what it's all about.

I received a call from the hospital this weekend saying they needed a felt princess crown that could be decorated by a child with jewels and glue.  The little girl has an inoperable brain tumor which can't be treated and will be going home.  So I made the crown and the wand and went to Joann's and bought the jewels and other decorations.  What an honor for me to be able to bring this smile!

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