Easter delivery for the hospital tomorrow.  Here's what I finished:

6 Bunnies - pattern by MyFunnyBuddy on Etsy - forgot to take the photo but they look like this one with different fabrics.

15 Marshmallow Bunnies - pattern by TheSplitStitch on Etsy.

8 Pillows - pattern by MyFunnyBuddy on Etsy.

6 Love Bots - pattern by ButterBeansChicPeas on Etsy.

6 Dolls - pattern by Bit of Whimsey Dolls.  I omitted the legs and arms for the younger children so they won't get caught in the lines.

6 Small Felt Bunnies - from this pattern I found on the web.  Although it says wood, I cut it out on felt.  Think the wood directions may be for another pattern.

And I made 5 bunnie and 5 duck finger puppets but have no photo!  Wow, did I really make all this????

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